Hi, my name is David Dufty. I’m a writer and researcher and I live in Canberra, Australia.

You can check out my science blog here:
The Empiricist(it’s been neglected of late but will be making a comeback in 2014, with my good friend and new co-blogger John Hawkins)

I recently wrote a book about the Philip K Dick Android. The genre is narrative non fiction. In other words, it reads somewhat like fiction, although it’s not.

US/Canada: How to Build An Android: The True Story of Philip K Dick’s Robotic Resurrection
UK: Losing the Head of Philip K Dick: A Bizarre but True Tale of Androids, Kill Switches and Left Luggage
Australia: Lost in Transit: The Strange Story of the Philip K Dick Android
Italy: La Strana Storia Dell Androide Philip K Dick

You can read some very good reviews here:
The Spectator
Dallas News
Seattle Post
The Age
North Coast Journal
Bookseller and Publisher Magazine:

Some reviews that offer no opinion
Washington Post
TG Daily

and some not so good reviews here…

Kirkus Reviews
New York Times
LA Review of Books

New Scientist

The book is available here at Amazon (here for Amazon UK)
and here for Barnes and Noble.

Here’s the front cover:
How to Build An Android David Dufty

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  1. Satis Arnold on

    Are you keeping up with brain and AI research? Where has it got to by July 2015? When are we likely to have intelligent and spiritual machines and the singularity, is it still 2045?

    As Noam Chomsky says in “America’s Real Foreign Policy” at: http://www.tomdispatch.com/blog/175863/tomgram%3A_noam_chomsky,_america's_real_foreign_policy/
    civilisation is at risk of severe disruption during 21C from nuclear war or global warming. I hope machines get to take over from humans before we blow it.

    Singularity Uni has courses to train smart young people to help solve the grand challenges of 21C, check its website. Two such challenges are
    1 – How to unwind nuclear arsenals and prevent nuclear war?, and
    2 – How to arrest global warming by rapidly winding down burning of forests and fossil fuel, and avoid climate catastrophe?

    I would appreciate your thoughts. Are you writing anything?

    Cheers, Satis, 0404110246

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