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My site is going through some temporary changes but everything will be running like clockwork very shortly.

Stay tuned, and be patient!

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  1. Satis Arnold on

    I hope you find a way to spend time at MIT/Harvard or Berkeley/Stanford/Silicon Valley and write another easy to read but informative and entertaining book like the one on the Philip K Dick Android. May be this time on the exciting frontiers of mind and brain research. Come back to Canberra after that and my wife and I will invite you and family to a memorable evening of Sri Lankan cusine in Campbell. In fact we could do that even sooner!

    Have you read Ray Kurzweil’s How to Create a Mind, yet? Well, it is mind-blowing! You probably know that Kurzweil became Google director of engineering late last year. He seems to be getting into unreal stuff, see for example, and

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