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The Bike Lesson

Gavin on a bike in Gungahlin

Italian edition

My book has been published in Italy under the title “La Strana Storia Dell’Androide Philip K. Dick” through Fanucci publishers.
Here’s the cover.


I’ve been told not to pay any attention to Amazon charts, because the rankings only have a tenuous relationship to sales. So, caveat emptor! With that in mind, and remembering that this probably means almost nothing anyway, Losing The Head of Philip K Dick climbed into the top 1000 Kindle sellers in the UK today. Here’s the screen shot (because we all know that if there’s no screen shot, then it didn’t happen):

That’s got to be good, right?

Stranger than Science Fiction

My post on the Kindle Blog, titled “Stranger than Science Fiction,” is up.

Here’s the intro:

The Philip K Dick android, built in Memphis in 2005, was the first ever conversational android. It had a camera for eyes, so that it could turn its head to watch you walk around the room. It had a microphone that functioned as an ear, so that it could listen to what you said to it and decode your voice into text. And it had a speaker for a mouth, so that it could give quirky observations on just about any topic that you cared to raise.

As the old saying goes, read on…

What do UFOs and androids have in common?

For almost a week now, Losing the Head of Philip K Dick has been on sale in the UK.
I checked out the Amazon listing, which below the page for the book itself, helpfully suggests other books to buy. “Customers who bought this item also bought…” it offers.

Apparently, people who bought Losing the Head of Philip K Dick are most likely to have also bought “Mirage Men” by Mark Pilkington. Mirage Men, released in 2010, is a history of UFOlogy with a focus on the role of the intelligence community in creating disinformation around UFO phenomena. Read more »